Extreme weather affects Mideast seaports, air traffic

CAIRO: Several Arab countries are facing a wave of inclement weather that in some places has led to the suspension of air traffic and the closure of seaports and roads.
Egypt on Friday was pounded by heavy rainfall — in Cairo, Giza and the coastal provinces — leading to the temporary closure of three seaports (the Rasheed, Edco and Ezbet ports) on the country’s north coast.
On Thursday, Egypt’s meteorological agency warned of “unstable weather” for the next three days, which, it warned, could lead to flooding in the Sinai Peninsula and the disruption of navigation in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
In Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, flights were suspended on Friday morning at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz Airport amid thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.
And Kuwait’s meteorological agency warned Friday of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, which could lead to flooding in some parts of the country.
Several countries in the region — especially Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan — have witnessed torrential rains in recent days that have left scores of people dead in their wake.–AA

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