Fifth rocket attack hits Baghdad’s Green Zone

A general view of the U.S. Embassy at the Green zone in Baghdad, Iraq January 7, 2020. © REUTERS/Stringer

It is reported that inside the heavily fortified Green Zone in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad there has been news of rockets landing on Thursday. It was however believed that the fifth time in ten days, claimed a security source within the Green Zone.

It is said that several rockets fell in the region, while approximately three attacks have been reported in the area, followed by the sound of sirens in the Green Zone.

Attack happened on Thursday was considered an occurrence after a series of similar outrages which count in an explosion on a base inside Baghdad International Airport, including an another assault targeting on a base north of Baghdad where military forces of United States are stationed.

Two Missiles making targets on the airport complex of Baghdad were reported on 8 June, while US embassy in the Green Zone had caught one which was not guided and landed near the embassy.

The responsibility of the following attacks and explosions is yet to be taken on. While, Iraqi armed factions loyal to Iran are often remained responsible by the United States.

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