Garbage piles up on streets as Paris sanitation strike enters second week

Paris: Refuse is escalating in Paris and Marseille as 14 days past for sanitation workers strike.
From total of seven incineration plants, six have been closed since 23rd Jan, when the strike started.
One in Issy –Les- Molineux is scheduled to open 6th Feb, following a ruling by the police, and insisted workers to return to the duty.
The strike is a part of the continuing annuity reform industrial action that has held France since 5th December. Sanitation workers raised concerns for life expectancy claims that put their estimated death seven years ahead of their French fellow citizens. As a result, garbage collectors believed they should be allowed to stop work early.
However, the instant consequence of this was the lack of garbage pickup in the large port city.
Officials reported 3,000 tons of garbage in Marseille that has piled up in streets as workers stopped waste treatment for two weeks.
Bins have been provided to citizens to deal with disposal.
In Paris, every day, six thousand tons of garbage is collected, according to Syctom, the company which manages the site.
The garbage left on the city is aggravating health concerns and annoying for citizens.–Worldwide News

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