Germany confronts Russian ambassador over cyberattack

BERLIN- On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry told that Germany would conduct planning to seek EU sanctions against individuals from Russia and other entities responsible for the cyberattack which made Chancellor Angela Merkel and parliamentarians target.

Today, Sergej J. Netschajew who is a Russian Ambassador received an invitation to the Foreign Ministry in order to impart cogent censure of Germany including Berlin’s decision to trigger EU cyber sanctions mechanism against all those who happen to bear the responsibility, ministry further stressed in a statement.

Earlier this month, an investigation conducted by the Chief Federal Prosecutor’s Office concluded that Dmitri Badin who is a Russian national reported to have an involvement in 2015 hacking attack which was aimed to hold attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in the parliament including offices of many lawmakers.

The Foreign Ministry called evidence gathered by investigators
announce Badin before he carried out the cyberattack, had an experience of working for the Russian military intelligence service GRU, along with some other suspects who are yet be identified.

The people or entities which carried out cyberattacks on EU member states, are foreseen sanctions in their against by cyber sanctions regime of EU. However, measures that possibly would be taken include restrictions on travel to the EU and asset freeze of people and entities.

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