Haiti gangs torch Police station amid PM’s uncertain future

Gangs demanding the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry have escalated their assault, igniting police stations throughout Port-au-Prince. The latest incident occurred at the Salomon market’s police station, as reported by local news outlets. Following these events, a three-day emergency declaration has been prolonged for an additional month. The aggression intensified following Henry’s departure to a regional conference last week, leading to a halt in air travel and complicating his return. Attempts to fly back were thwarted when Henry had to divert to Puerto Rico due to the closure of Port-au-Prince’s international airport, where soldiers were fending off gunmen’s efforts to take control. An attempt to land in the Dominican Republic was also denied because of a missing flight plan.

In the meantime, Henry’s absence from public commentary extends since his visit to Kenya, where he sought to secure a multinational force led by Kenya to help stabilize Haiti. He and President William Ruto signed an agreement for 2,000 Kenyan police officers to aid Haiti, although this decision faces legal challenges within Kenya. The rising violence has prompted some of the Kenyan officers who had initially volunteered for the mission to reconsider, citing concerns for their safety and unclear operational protocols.

As Henry remains outside Haiti, gangs in Port-au-Prince have seized the opportunity to ramp up their coordinated assaults, marking a significant escalation in the country’s ongoing unrest.–Web Desk