Hamas spokesman condemns killing of Floyd, Eyad Hallaq

Security forces fire tear gas canisters during a protest against the country's economic and political situation in Beirut, Lebanon on 18 January 2020 [Mahmut Geldi/Anadolu Agency]

Hamas spokesman condemns killing of Floyd, Eyad Hallaq

Fawzi Barhoum who is Hamas spokesman claimed extreme criticism on the brutal killings of Palestinian Eyad Hallaq by Israeli police and George Floyd by police of United States. He said that these violations reflect the culture of

Barhoum further condemning these violations made by these agencies said, “These agencies are granted legitimacy and cover to commit their crimes and violations by their political leadership in the US Administration and the Zionist entity, which have [both] institutionalised violence and terrorism and exported them to many countries in the world.”

He also said that all free people worldwide need to expose these policies which are resulting danger and all defenders of freedom and human dignity should also take part in exposing these policies.

On Saturday, Eyad Hallaq was shot dead by Israeli forces in East Jerusalem despite of his family’s pleadings with occupation forces asking for let him free because of his mental disability. However, US police, too, appeared brutal after killing George Floyd who returned dead in police custody last week after an officer was seen kneeling on his neck, suffocating him.

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