Harvard Enhances Safety Around Pro-Palestine Encampment

Harvard University announced plans on Friday to install three-foot orange barriers around the pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard to ensure safety during freshmen move-out.

The barriers, to be placed until May 15, will separate key buildings bordering the encampment, including Massachusetts Hall, Harvard Hall, Matthews Hall, Hollis Hall, and University Hall.

According to university spokesperson Jason A. Newton, these measures aim to manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow during the ongoing occupation.

The encampment, situated between the John Harvard statue and Massachusetts Hall, has presented logistical challenges for end-of-year operations, particularly with freshmen move-out.

Harvard has taken steps to minimize disruption caused by the encampment, including restricting Yard access and relocating events and exams.

Newton emphasized pedestrian safety, urging individuals to maintain distance from vehicles and keep passageways clear.

The demonstrations, sparked on April 17 at Columbia University in response to Israel’s offensive in Gaza, have become a focal point in protesting Israel’s actions in the region.–News Desk