Health of Hamas representative in Saudi worsens in prison

Mohammed Saleh al-Khoudary, and his eldest Hani have been in a Saudi prison since April (Screengrab)

According to the Quds Press reported on Friday, the health condition of Dr Mohamed Al-Khodari who is the representative of Hamas in Saudi Arabia has been reported worsened dramatically inside Saudi prison.

Quds Press further acknowledged that there is Twitter account named “Prisoners of Conscience” which has been created to provide the informations focusing the situation of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, revealed that since April 2019 detainee Al-Khodari has totally worsened to move because of extreme illness.

It’s been reported that several of Palestinian students, academics and residents arbitrarily have been arrested by Saudi Arabia a year ago including the official representative of Hamas in the Kingdom- Al-Khondari. However, formal charges against them are yet to be made.

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