Hong Kong activists slam China’s proposed security law

Police fired tear gas and pepper spray at hundreds of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters who gathered Sunday in opposition to a controversial security law proposed by China last week.

HONG KONG- On Sunday, many demonstrators came on roads of Hong Kong chanting slogans against a Beijing’s plan of imposing a new national security law on the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

The protesters made a huge gathering in the Causeway Bay and Wan Chai districts. They raised their volume by chanting the slogans of “Stand with Hong Kong” and “Save Hong Kong.” They had anti-government slogans.

To keep the voices of the crowd low and put down the slogans volume, police in Wan Chai fired tear gas to break up the crowds in which around 120 people from the demonstrators were arrested, including prominent pro-democracy activist Tam Tak-chi. While four police officers got also wounded when protesters as response of police doing, threw bricks, according to the officials.

On Friday, for establishment and improvement of the the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for Hong Kong, a draft decision was submitted to China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) for deliberation to bring some changes in territory’s long-term “defenseless” image.

The vice-chairman of China’s Standing Committee of the NPC Wang Chen said “The increasingly notable national security risks in HKSAR [Hong Kong Specially Administered Region] have become a prominent problem.”

On Friday, Mike Pompeo who is the Secretary of State of United States slammed the national security legislation on Hong Kong which was proposed by China. He ended up by saying “unilateral and arbitrary.” On Friday, Justin Trudeau who is Prime Minister of Canada on the other hand, also showed his deep concern on the possibility of China cracking down on pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Hongkong has a large experience of witnessing protests against the move of Carrie Lam administration to legalize extradition to mainland China since 2019.

The city has been left reeling by the protesters and demonstrators since the bill had happened to be dumped.

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