Human rights organisation: 10,000 detainees in Houthi prisons at risk of coronavirus infection

An announcement from The Yemeni Network for Human Rights and Freedoms on Wednesday claimed in a press statement that it was updated with the two confirmed reported cases of COVID-19 contacted by two abductees in the central prison of Sanaa. Later, the organization also talked about the risk of all those 10,000 detainees in Houthis-controlled areas who are extremely in great risk of virus infection.

In order to combat the further spread of the virus, the Yemeni organisation called the immediate release of the abductees before the virus hits the public and secret detention centres and prisons that the Houthi group uses to hide the oppositionists, exceeding 10,000 abductees.

Further, the organization to grab the attention of the international community, asked for urgent intervene and ask for efforts to be made for releasing all abductees kept in Houthi prisons avoiding all sort of restrictions or conditions.

UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths was remained responsible by the organization for all those abductees whose release is a capital talk right now. The organization also pronounced him responsible for the continuous slowdown in compelling the Houthis impose the agreements that raise the supports calling the release of all detainees, especially the Stockholm Agreement.

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