Iran dismisses Canada’s claim over Ukraine plane tragedy

Dubai: Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said there is no legal basis for Canada’s complaint about the passenger plane shot down by revolutionary guards of Iran, as per local media.
Zarif stated, “Iran’s actions are based on international rules”. January 8, the Ukraine airplane, US-built Boeing 737 was shot down by Iranian forces mistakenly, during a period of retaliation as the United States killed a supreme Iranian general on Jan 3.
Tehran previously entangled in a long term confrontation with the US over its nuclear program, giving mixed signals related to its hand over.
Iran, that took a number of days to concede its role in shooting down the plane and confronting street dissents at home as a consequence, dismissed its missile targeting US retaliating to US drone attack which killed General Qasim Soleimani on 3rd Jan in Iraq.
For years, Iran has been facing sanctions limiting its ability to buy modern armaments and technological products. Several passenger planes in Iran are too old.
As per the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, Iran was granted relief in sanctions on the condition to reduce its nuclear program. However, restrictions were imposed again while Iran withdrew from the accord in 2018 leading to further escalation between the two nations.
Iran assures it will not “negotiate with sanctions”.
Following the planes debacle, the Iranian judiciary chief said: “compensation should be paid to families of the victims, many of whom were Iranians or dual nationals”.
The International community has called for payouts in response to air crash incident.–Worldwide News

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