Israel arrests French facilitator to Palestinians Arm Smuggling Cells

Gaza strip, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem has been uncovered as the target locations for Palestinians Arms trafficking Cells, says Israel security agency (ISA).
It has been clear by the ISA reports that in recent months Israel security agency with mutual collaboration of the Israel police, has revealed the Palestinians armaments trafficking Cells. Roman Frank, a French national, reported to be involved in the case. Franck has been working in the French consulate in Jerusalem, smuggling arms from areas including Gaza strip, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.
Thus, Franck has been involved in this trafficking for five times in these recent months.
Additionally, it is made clear that Franck has smuggled two assault rifles and seventy pistols.
These smuggled weapons received by the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria, were then sold to the arm dealers there.
It is stated that the person who provide Franck with armaments was an employ at French cultural center and is a Palestinian resident at Gaza strip.
Nine suspects for the case has been under police custody out of which six has been accused of this illicit act of smuggling, as per southern district ‘s State Attorney’s office reports.
The report also shows that one of those who have been arrested for the cause, worked as the security guard at French consulate in Jerusalem and is Palestinian resident while others have been known to belong from the Gaza strip who were then present at Judea and Samaria without permits.
The inquiry makes it clear that Franck got involved in this considering his monetary benefits, as the matter has been unknown to his chiefs.
The investigation also discloses the fact that the several other suspects were also involved in smuggling funds from Gaza strip to Samaria and Judea.
Exclaiming the illicit act, a senior ISA officer says, “This is a very serious episode in which the perks and privileges approved to the foreign missions has been take for granted and are violated negatively for illegal trafficking of dozens of weapons sought to be used in criminal activities against the Israeli civilians and the members of security forces at Israel.” All these investigations were directed in coordination Foreign Ministry. The French authorities are updated regularly with inquiries.–By Laraib

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