Israel-Iran conflict: Netanyahu says Iran will pay “high cost”

Israel is prepared ‘for any possible scenario’, Benjamin Netanyahu asserts
JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday warned Iran that Israeli would “exact a heavy price” from whoever sought to harm its people.
“We hear the threats from Iran and the Israeli army is prepared for any possible scenario,” Netanyahu said at a special cabinet meeting.
“We will fight whoever tries to harm us. We will not shy away from action against those who threaten our security,” he added.
Last week, the New York Times quoted an Israeli military source who admitted that Israel was behind a recent attack on a Syrian airbase that reportedly left a number of Iranian military personnel dead.
The source, who spoke anonymously, went on to note that it was the first time for Israel to attack Iranian targets in Syria, describing the move as the start of a “new phase”.
International media later reported that at least 14 people — including a number of Iranian military personnel — had lost their lives in the raid.
Iran’s Fars News Agency published photographs and names of three Revolutionary Guards personnel who it alleged had been killed in the strikes.
For decades, Israel-Iran relations have been characterized by deep animosity. While Tehran sees Israel as its biggest enemy, the Jewish state insists Iran must be prevented from attaining a nuclear arsenal.–AA

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