Israeli president’s house shut after COVID-19 infection

JERUSALEM- According to the local media on Sunday, the residence of Reuven Rivlin; the president of Israel, has been reported temporarily shut as a preventive measure due to one of the employees was tested positive for COVID-19

The president tweeted a post calling confirmation of one of the employees positive result from COVID-19 and said that all offices in his residence have been reported disinfected since there employees was tested positive for virus.

“The president’s private office was cleaned thoroughly and he will resume working from it tomorrow,” the tweet explained.

As per Israeli newspaper claimed today, there was no statement made to ask Rivlin to be in isolation as it was declared by the spokesman of Rivlin’s house that the infected was not working in the department close to the Rivlin.

On the other hand, on Saturday, there was an announcement from Israeli PM’s house confirming the infection of three external guards of his residence with coronavirus.

However, the total recorded cases of COVID-19 in the country stand at 19,008 confirming the death toll from the virus that remains at 300.

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