Jordanians strike to protest income tax bill

Demonstrations in Amman against unpopular bill lead to calls for resignation of government
AMMAN: Jordanians staged a general strike on Wednesday to protest proposed income tax legislation.
Trade unions called for the five-hour strike after the government last week approved an amended version of an income tax bill that would, if passed, subject all annual incomes of 8,000 Jordanian dinars (roughly $11,200) or more to additional taxes.
Members of more than 33 trade unions, along with numerous private-sector employees, took part in Wednesday’s strike.
In capital Amman, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Professional Associates Complex where they called for the resignation of Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki’s government.
Jordan’s Council of Professional Trade Unions (CPTU) has given the government one week to withdraw the unpopular tax bill.
If the government fails to do so, another general strike has been planned for next Wednesday.
“The people want the government to step down,” protesters chanted. “We will maintain our strike until the tax law is overturned.”
A meeting last week between PM al-Mulki and CJTU representatives failed to resolve the dispute over the controversial tax bill.
Jordan’s parliament is expected to discuss the draft legislation later this week.–AA

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