Jute mill workers protest low wages: Bangladesh

Protesters block main road in capital Dhaka causing massive traffic jam.
DHAKA: Jute mill workers on Tuesday took to the streets of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka to demand higher wages.

The protest which started Monday blocked an entry road to Dhaka causing severe traffic jam.

The demands of the protesters include; a commission to form a wage structure, immediate payment of arrears, gratuities and provident fund, and reinstating those who lost jobs for attending protests.

On Monday, clashes between police and protesters left 16 people injured and more than 50 vehicles vandalized, local Daily Star reported.

Also on Monday, several thousand workers of 12 jute mills across the country did not report to work.

Workers of 26 jute mills, mostly state-owned, have been protesting since March.

The Ministry of Labor had assured workers that all arrears will be cleared by April 25, a promise that protesters say has not been kept.

Bangladesh is among the leading jute-producing nations of the world. The industry fetches it millions of dollars in revenue every year.–AA

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