Kremlin confirms no west talks Post-Moscow attack

Following the tragic Crocus City Hall shooting, which left at least 137 dead and over 180 injured, the Kremlin announced a lack of current dialogue with Western nations. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov highlighted President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing discussions with global leaders to bolster anti-terrorism efforts, despite the absence of contact with Western countries.

Peskov refrained from confirming if the U.S. had alerted Russia about the potential attack, citing the sensitivity of intelligence information. Amidst parliamentary debates on reinstating the death penalty, Peskov stated the Kremlin is not engaging in such discussions.

With investigations ongoing, Peskov declined to identify the detainees connected to the shooting, emphasizing the importance of relying on official law enforcement information regarding Daesh/ISIS’s claim of responsibility.

The assault took place as the band Picnic was set to perform, leading to the detention of 11 individuals, including four accused, near the Ukraine border. Moscow’s Basmanny district court has since charged the four with terrorism, holding them in custody until May 22.–Web Desk