Kushner to head UNSC meeting ahead of Abbas on M.E. peace plan

This week US president Donald Trump’s son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner to address the un security council regarding his proposal for middle east peace this week, just days before the Palestinian president get there in new York to speak to the same meeting.
On Thursday, Kushner will speak to the diplomats in a closed door meeting for one hour, concerning the much awaited peace plan by trump revealed last week at the white house, according to the UN ambassador for Belgium Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve, who is the rotating president for this month.
The Belgian ambassador informed the reporters “I understand that indeed he would be ready to answer questions on the plan. I think that indeed an opportunity maybe to clarify some aspects” while speaking at the UN headquarters on Monday. He added “My hope will be that the council can be united as much as possible on this issue. But I think we all know, you know what different positions there are”.
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is ready to address the council on 11th Feb., as the meeting was announced by Trump after release of the Middle East peace plan. According to Buytswerve, the Palestinian officials are set to “working on” a draft which will backfire the peace initiative by trump government.
The envoy had “no information” regarding the text.
Trump revealed his much awaited Middle East plan last week. Trump announced the plan while standing besides Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in a ceremony in white house, with no Palestinian representative present.
The plan referred to Jerusalem as “undivided capital” of Israel and recognizing its sovereignty over the west bank. De Buytswerve said “It’s certainly the view of Belgium … that any solution first has to be arrived at through negotiation between the two sides, and that they have to be based on all these agreed internationally agreed parameters, including UN Security Council resolutions”.–Worldwide News

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