Moscow slams new US sanctions

MOSCOW: Russian Foreign Ministry called new U.S. sanctions against two Russian companies and an individual “clumsy” and “routine”.
In a statement published on its official website, the ministry said Russia supplied oil to the regime forces because they fought against terrorism.
“Trying to put pressure on Russia, Washington repeatedly demonstrates its inability to force our country to change its independent line on the world stage,” it said.
U.S. politicians have to emerge from the illusion of omnipotence and realise the impossibility to influence Russia by the means of sanctions, it said.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Treasury published a new sanction list which includes six individuals and three companies for assistance in the supply of oil to the Syrian government.
The restrictions affected two Russian enterprises of Global Vision Group and Promsyreimport and the deputy director general Andrey Dogayev of the second company.
In addition, restrictions were put on two Iranians, one Lebanese, one Syrian and one Iraqi, as well as a company registered in Iran.–AA

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