My ashes to be scattered in a free Palestine said Aaron in his will

US Air Force serviceman Aaron Bushnell, who tragically died after self-immolating in protest of Israel’s war in Gaza, expressed in his will his desire for his ashes to be scattered in a free Palestine.

In his written statement before the act, as recounted in Memoirs of Aaron Bushnell, published on the Crimethinc website, he expressed deep sorrow to his brother and friends, acknowledging the inherent injustice he sought to challenge. He wrote, “None of this is fair,” attributing his actions to the demands of an unjust system.

Bushnell explicitly requested cremation, stating, “I do not wish for my ashes to be scattered or my remains to be buried as my body does not belong anywhere in this world.” However, he expressed a heartfelt wish for his ashes to be scattered in a free Palestine if the native people were open to it, underlining his solidarity with their struggle for freedom.

Before his self-immolation outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, Bushnell declared his refusal to be complicit in what he saw as genocide. He emphasized the normalization of extreme violence against Palestinians and vowed to protest against it, knowing the risks involved.

Clad in military attire, Bushnell passionately chanted “Freedom for Palestine” as he set himself on fire, ultimately succumbing to the flames. Despite attempts by embassy security personnel to extinguish the fire, he tragically passed away.

The US Air Force has labeled Bushnell’s protest as a “tragedy,” recognizing the deep-seated issues and complexities surrounding his actions.– Web Desk