Myanmar must protect Rohingya Muslims as per UN ruling

Formerly, champion of human rights, Aung San Suu Kyi had to face rejection by UN court decision which prompt Myanmar to take measures to makes sure safety of Rohingya Muslims and protect them. they have been slaughtered, forced to leave their homes and tormented which has been regarded by majority media as a “mass genocide” and a massive violation of human rights.
The decision maintains that Myanmar’s decision will be scrutinized and taken under consideration by the court. But, critics assume that the decision cannot compel Myanmar government to mend its ways towards the Rohingya Muslims which are not acknowledged even ethnic minority and referred toi as Bengalis. Anna Roberts, executive director of the group Burma campaign UK stated viewpoint “The chances of Aung San Suu Kyi implementing this ruling will be zero unless significant international pressure is applied”.
This looks doubtful as china has come to support Myanmar’s actions.
The ruling of the court cannot be officially implemented. However, the ruling can be used by Rohingya Muslims as a claim related to brutal killings by army.
From legal point of view, the ruling is a failure as it cannot give proper justice to Rohingya Muslims. The purpose of judicial system is to punish criminals, but this ruling is just a symbol of disapproval for Myanmar’s actions.–Worldwide News

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