NASA Named 2023 Best Work Place in Federal

Washington, D.C. — NASA has been honored as the 2023 Best Place to Work in the Federal Government among large agencies, marking the 12th consecutive year it has received this distinction from the Partnership for Public Service. This accolade highlights the high level of employee satisfaction with the agency’s work environment and overall operations as NASA continues to advance its mission of exploration and discovery for the benefit of humanity.

“Once again, NASA has shown that with the world’s finest workforce, we can reach the stars,” stated NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Through space exploration, advances in aviation, groundbreaking science, new technologies, and more, the team at NASA achieves greatness through their dedication and innovative spirit. This recognition reflects the pioneering mindset that makes NASA the best place to work in the federal government. With this ingenuity and passion, we will continue to inspire the world and innovate for the benefit of all.”

In 2023, NASA’s workforce achieved significant milestones, including breaking the American record for the longest astronaut spaceflight, announcing the Artemis II crew, launching the Deep Space Optical Communications experiment, and partnering on a sustainable flight demonstration later designated as X-66. Additionally, NASA celebrated a year of scientific discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope. The agency’s OSIRIS-Rex mission, which collected the first U.S. asteroid sample, provided valuable insights into celestial objects.

The year also marked NASA’s 65th anniversary and included the launch of the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center and Earth Information Center. The SWOT mission provided new perspectives on Earth’s surface water, while the TEMPO mission delivered crucial air quality data.

The Partnership for Public Service has been compiling the Best Places to Work rankings since 2003, evaluating federal employees’ perspectives on leadership, work-life balance, and other job-related factors. Employee responses to federal surveys are assessed and categorized into large, midsize, and small agencies, along with their subcomponents.

This recognition underscores NASA’s commitment to fostering a supportive and innovative work environment as it continues to push the boundaries of science and exploration.–News Desk