NATO to protect Montenegrin airspace

NATO allies Italy and Greece will air patrol over the country starting from June 5
BRUSSELS: NATO said on Wednesday two of its allies will help protect Montenegrin airspace starting from June 5.
A statement released from its headquarters in Brussels said air forces of Italy and Greece will patrol over Montenegro’s airspace.
The decision was taken following a request by Montenegro as the country does not have its own fighter planes.
“NATO air policing is a long-running, routine mission to safeguard the integrity of the Alliance’s airspace, a core task for NATO’s collective defense,” it said.
The statement added Montenegro joined NATO last June.
Currently, Spain, Portugal and France are part of the Baltic Air Policing over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Italy also routinely helps protect Slovenian airspace, while the U.K. supports air patrols over Romania.–AA

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