Pakistan calls for international intervention to stop Gaza violence

Pakistan has called upon international allies of Israel to intervene and halt the ongoing conflict in Gaza, emphasizing the urgency following a UN Security Council resolution that demands an immediate cease-fire. At a press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch highlighted the dire situation, stating that the Israeli military offensive persists, leaving the Palestinian people facing severe humanitarian crises, including starvation and accusations of genocide.

Despite the resolution passed three days ago, aimed at ceasing hostilities, the situation in Gaza remains grim, with the Israeli actions continuing to inflict widespread devastation. Baloch appealed for global efforts to find a lasting and fair resolution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The backdrop to this appeal is the significant toll of the conflict, initiated by an attack on Oct. 7, with over 32,000 Palestinians reported killed and around 75,000 injured, leading to vast internal displacement and critical shortages of essential supplies in Gaza. The UN has reported extensive damage to Gaza’s infrastructure, while the International Court of Justice has made interim rulings against Israel, demanding a stop to actions classified as genocidal and ensuring the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilians.–Web Desk