Pakistan hands over 200-year-old temple to Hindu minorty

Karachi, Pakistan: Government of Pakistan returned the 200 years old temple to Hindu minority, local media reported on Sunday.
Located in the far-off area of Zhob, in southwestern Baluchistan, the temple was illegally captured following the 1947 partition of united India. The partition of the sub-continent prompted large-scale migrations from and to Pakistan and India.
The four-room temple was being utilized as a government school from the last 30 years, however, it was vacated and school was relocated, as reported.
The keys of the temple were entrusted to the Hindu community leader at a ceremony held outside the building. The religion scholar and the leader of the mainstream religious party Maulana Allah Dad Kakar handed over the keys.
The deputy commissioner of Zhob, Saleem Taha was apologetic for the 72-year hold up of the temple; however, he vowed that the temple would be refurbished to its unique condition.
The move comes on heels of Indian Supreme Court adjudication last year allowing Hindus to build a temple over the Babri mosque after an extended legal battle, and summoned by the Hindu community.
Pakistan’s aim is to recapture and restore 400 temples all over the country to return them to Hindu that is illegally captured by the land mafia.
Hindus, being the largest minority of Pakistan constitutes 4 percent of the country with more than 200 million populations.
Pakistan is the homeland of several places respected by Hindus. The two most visited sites across the world are located in the northeastern Chakwal region and Sandhu Bela in the southern Sukkur.
Pakistan has also permitted border crossing for Indian Sikhs to visit the place of birth of Baba Guru Nanak, the originator of religion, last November.–Worldwide News

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