Pakistan-Turkey to put their heads together about issues facing up the Muslim world

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan (L) hold a joint press conference at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, on January 4, 2019. (Photo by ADEM ALTAN / AFP)

Islamabad/Karachi: two-day visit to Pakistan coming week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the premier Imran khan are anticipated to talk about series of issues facing up to Muslim world, with a spotlight on the middle east peace plan and Kashmir issue, as per local experts.
An ex-diplomat Shahid Amin said, “The two leaders have a variety of issues to discuss during this visit including the Kuala Lumpur initiative, Kashmir, and the US’ so-called Middle East peace plan”.
Amin said lack of Muslim integration will be the top agenda of meeting as both Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Tayyip Erdogan feel sorry for lack of Muslim unity.
He stated, “An initiative has already been taken in this regard” while talking about the Kuala Lumpur summit in December 2019 over pressures from Saudi Arabia as reported.
He accounted “But it needs to be worked out further so that there must not be any impression of more division”.
Further “Saudi Arabia and its allies are not happy with the Kuala Lumpur initiative, considering it a parallel platform, but it is equally true that the Muslim world needs to be re-energized in the face of simmering challenges, especially after the announcement of Trump’s so-called peace plan”.
Amin, whose career covers from 1958 to 1997, said, “President Erdogan is an old friend of Pakistan and he fully understands our constraints”.
Amin has remained ambassador of Pakistan in France, Libya, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia explained the visit of Turkish president saying “I am confident this visit will be a success and will bring the two nations further closer”.
A Karachi-based politician Abdul Khalique views Erdogan’s visit as a fruit of growing collaboration among turkey and Pakistan and their similar stance on international issues.
Ali told news agency “The two sides have similar stands on several issues ranging from the ongoing situation in Kashmir to Trump’s ‘peace plan,’ and from reconciliation in Afghanistan to Nagorno-Karabakh”.
PM Imran vows president Erdogan’s visit will make Pak-Turkey ties stronger.
He said, “Turkey was among a few nations that helped Pakistan escape the blacklist of the FATF [intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force]”.
“It’s Turkey that has kept Pakistan’s interests equal to its own interests”.
The two sides would talk about ways to further strengthen the strategic and military cooperation, he said.
Erdogan will arrive on a two-day visit to Islamabad airport on Thursday, confirmed by the foreign ministry.
Ministry announced, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be visiting Pakistan on February 13 and 14”.
Since 2002, this will be the fourth visit of Erdogan, and second since he became president.
Several cabinet ministers and convoy of Turkish investors and businessmen to escort Erdogan during his visit to Pakistan.
Erdogan to address Pakistani parliament for the record fourth time, and is the only leader to address the parliament for three times already.
The recent visit of Erdogan is believed to be “comprehensive”.
Key areas to focus include technology and mining transfer; boost up of bilateral trade is number-one intention.
Khan said “It will be quite a comprehensive visit … there will be discussions on all sorts of economic ties and, of course, our strategic and diplomatic ties”.
The premiere Imran Khan chaired a special meeting to review preparations for Erdogan visit in Islamabad,
As per the official declaration, he discussed with the cabinet members “ways to further bolster Pakistan and Turkey’s bilateral ties and economic cooperation”.
Imran khan said “President Erdogan’s visit will serve as an important milestone in our efforts to further strengthen bilateral relations and increase cooperation between our two countries” while addressing the meeting.
He intended his ministers to hold meetings on a monthly basis to monitor projects to be signed by Erdogan during his visit.
Kahn also appreciated turkey for its steadfast hold for the people of Kashmir, which has been under lockdown by Indian administration since august 2019.
Khan stated, “The way Turkey stood with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue is highly commendable”.
Opposition parties hail Erdogan’s visit as a senator Siraj ul Haq told the news agency “We will warmly welcome the Turkish president in Pakistan. He is not only leading the Turkish nation but is also a voice for all the oppressed Muslims in the world”.
The senator belonging to the mainstream religious party, Jamaat e Islami said: “I hope this visit will further strengthen our relations as Pakistan and Turkey have always supported each other in trying times”.
Ordinary citizens are also buoyant over Erdogan’s visit and looking forward to welcoming him via twitter and Facebook posts.
Aamir Chishti tweeted, “Welcome President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Pakistan” in Turkish along with a short video of the president and flags of both nations.–Worldwide News

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