Pakistan urges Canada to bring back visa office in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s high commissioner to canada Raza Bashir Tarar has pushed the Canadian government to move the visa process centre back to its embassy in Islamabad.
During his meeting with the Canada-Pakistan relationship cluster at the Canadian House of Commons, the diplomat highlighted that alternative Western countries have additionally moved their visa centres back to the Pakistan’s federal capital in sight of the country’s improved security scenario.
According to a press release, the high commissioner briefed the relationship cluster on range of problems, together with consultative against travel to pakistan and high ratio of visa refusal to Pakistani students and traders.
The Pakistani envoy shed light on higher security scenario within the country and friendly policies of the new government regarding foreign direct investment available in the automobile, energy, telecom, producing and business industries in pakistan, from which Canadian companies may profit in various ways.
“Pakistan seeks to revive the complete spectrum relations in political, trade, investment and development fields with Canada,” Tarar added.
The Canadian government had shifted its visa process centre from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi and also the united kingdom because of the volatile security surroundings in Pakistan.
Co-chair of Canada-Pakistan Frie­ndship cluster Rob Oliphant additionally briefed the high commissioner on their efforts to promote relationship between the parliamentarians of the two countries.–HADISA

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