Palestine to cutoff ties with Israel, says Abbas

Cairo: Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas declared a cut off with the United States and Israel after Washington reveals the controversial Middle East peace proposal, including the security cooperation as well.
Abbas has taken similar steps earlier, and it was not clear at the moment what it could indicate in fact.
He made clarification while the Arab league opposed the peace plan by Donald trump which had enraged people of Palestine.
In a special summit of the pan Arab bloc in Cairo Abbas said “We are informing you that there will be no relations with you (Israel) and the United States, including on security cooperation”.
He said the plan was the “disavowal of signed agreements and international legitimacy”.
Further on “Israel will have to bear responsibility as an occupying power for the Palestinian territories and Palestinians will press ahead with resistance using peaceful means”.
In July 2017, Abbas made a similar statement to suspend the security coordination with Israeli while there was a dispute over the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque.
Later that year, it was resumed; nonetheless, the Palestinian police officer remarked that even during the cut off they had sustained regular contact.
Hazem Atallah said “The only thing we stopped is we didn’t meet them in the field”.
Senior Arab officials were present in the Cairo meeting including the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia and the minister of foreign affairs UAE.
Ahmad Aboul Gheit, chief of Arab league referred to the US plan as a tantamount to creating “a one state with two categories of people, meaning an apartheid system, as it makes Palestinians second class citizens”.
Further “It is our right to accept or reject (the plan)… though the American proposal in reality appeared to be a dictation, or an offer that cannot be rejected or even discussed”.
In a statement, the Arab league declared that Trump’s plan fails to meet “the minimum rights and aspirations of Palestinian people”.
Arab leaders assured “not to… cooperate with the US administration to implement this plan”.
They persisted on a two-state solution which includes Palestine state on the basis of borders prior to 1967 war, with east Jerusalem as its center.
There was no response from the Israeli officials so far; however, Israeli premiere Netanyahu’s main opponent in the general elections Benny Gantz opposed the Palestinian president’s stamen saying Mahmoud Abbas “doesn’t miss an opportunity for refusal”.
Gantz added “The time has come to begin working for the future generations and toward peace, instead of remaining stuck in the past and preventing a future of hope in this region”.
As per the US plan, Israel would be the sovereign of the controversial city of Jerusalem as its “undivided capital”, however, Palestinians were allowed to declare a center neighboring to Israeli-controlled east Jerusalem.
On Tuesday, trump revealed the plan in Washington in presence of Arab ambassadors, and Israeli officials.
Arab states give muted response to the plan.
Abbas met Egyptian president in Saturday who called for dialogue between Israel and Palestine.
Abbas informed the Arab league the US proposal was in “violation of the (autonomy) accords” initiated in 1993 in Oslo.
Netanyahu reassured to take control of Israeli settlements across the west bank.
The peace plan by trump encourages Israel to hold control of the strategic Jordan valley, about 30 percent of west bank.
Abbas said “while Israel would immediately start annexation, under the plan the Palestinians would have to wait four years, until they show ‘good will’, to get a limited state”.
Abbas declared to go to the security council of the United Nations to demand for an international summit in order to launch talks with Israel again. Further on “we will not accept the US alone. We have tried it already”.–Worldwide News

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