Palestinian Authority Rejects Aid From UAE

The first openly known direct flight between the UAE and Israel flew on Tuesday to deliver aid to Palestinians (AFP)

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has rejected a shipments of coronavirus aid which was sent by the United Arab Emirates aboard a rare direct flight to Tel Aviv this week, according to the Palestine health minister.

On Thursday, Health Minister Mai Kaila said at a press briefing in Bethlehem, her country has declined to accept to have the medical aid because they were neglected to be coordinated by Emirati side.

“We rejected the aid because The UAE has not coordinated with us any of our systems regarding the medical aid. We are an authority and a sovereign country, we without coordination can’t accept such aid,” health minister said.

Palestinian news agency Maan reported earlier that the theme of rejection of the aid was based on a bridge about which Palestinian Authority refused to be for the normalization of ties between the UAE and Israel. However, UAE and Israel are not experiencing a diplomatic relations. Still, they generally don’t have direct flights.

Meanwhile, Israel and Palestine Authority have faced deterioration in relation between each other with the latest flare-up fueled by an Israeli plan to annex West Bank settlements on territory the Palestinians want for a future state. Mahmoud Abbas- the President of Palestine, while attending a leadership meeting in Ramallah in the following week said, Palestine Government is not confined by agreements and understandings with Israel.

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