Papua New Guinea Halts Search for 2,000 Landslide Victims

June 5, 2024 – Papua New Guinea has officially ceased the search for approximately 2,000 individuals buried under a massive landslide in Enga province, authorities announced on Wednesday. The decision was made by the disaster management committee, which has now designated Tuliparo village, the area engulfed by the landslide, as a “mass cemetery.”

Local media reports highlighted the committee’s acknowledgment of the near-impossibility of retrieving the bodies, given the challenging conditions. The United Nations migration agency had previously underscored significant operational difficulties in the region, citing fuel shortages and security concerns.

In response to the tragedy, neighboring Australia and New Zealand have pledged $4 million in humanitarian aid to support Papua New Guinea.

The devastating landslide occurred on May 24, burying homes, infrastructure, and farmland under up to eight meters of soil and debris. The government estimates that around 2,000 people may have been buried in the disaster.

The decision to halt the search operations marks a somber acknowledgment of the scale of the tragedy and the challenging recovery conditions. The international community continues to offer support to help the affected communities in the aftermath of this catastrophic event.–News Desk