Putin, Netanyahu meet in Moscow

Russian president, Israeli PM discuss situation in Syria, Iran’s military presence in war-torn country
MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Moscow on Wednesday, the Kremlin said.
The matters pertaining to situation in Syria and Iran’s military presence there were discussed in the meeting, the Kremlin said in a statement.
“Of course, our focus is what is happening in Syria, the presence of Iran. This is not a new thing for you. A few hours ago, an unmanned vehicle penetrated from Syria to Israel was successfully shot down. I would like to stress that we will be very strict in suppressing any attempts to violate our air and land border,” Netanyahu said.
Earlier, Israeli air defenses claimed to have intercepted a drone launched from Syrian territory. The drone was said to have been downed by a Patriot missile.
“Cooperation between us is the most important factor that can stabilize the entire region”, he added.
For his part, Putin reassured Netanyahu that Russia was aware of Israeli concerns on this point and offered to discuss it in detail.–AA

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