Putin Praises Expanding Tech, Energy Ties with China

ISTANBUL — On Friday, during a state visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin commended the deepening technological and energy collaboration between Russia and China, envisioning a future where both nations continue to lead in the global economy. Speaking at the China-Russia Expo in Harbin, a city symbolizing the bilateral partnership and currently under US sanctions, Putin emphasized the importance of advancing technological integration with China.

“As the world teeters on the edge of a new technological revolution, we are poised to enhance and broaden our technological integration and uncover new technologies to maintain our leadership,” Putin stated, underscoring the necessity for Russia and China to spearhead the economy of tomorrow.

Putin’s visit included a stop at the Harbin Institute of Technology, dubbed “China’s MIT,” highlighting the educational and developmental synergies between the two countries. He remarked on the strategic alliance in energy sectors, describing it as a cornerstone of the global resource market, poised for further growth.

“Our strategic alliance in the sphere of energy has become an important foundation to the entire global resource market and will continue to expand,” Putin declared, asserting Russia’s commitment to supplying green and environmentally friendly energy resources to fuel China’s economy.

Reflecting on the robust economic ties, Putin noted that bilateral trade had surged to over $240 billion last year, fostering economic improvement, new industries, and job creation, thereby enhancing the well-being and prosperity of citizens in both nations.

He also paid homage to the historical ties, recalling the Soviet troops who defended Harbin during World War II. The visit also highlighted the growing industrial cooperation, with an increase in Chinese automakers entering the Russian market, marking a significant uptick in bilateral industrial activities.–News Desk