Putin Warns Against Underestimating Russia’s Nuclear Capabilities

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stern warning on Wednesday, asserting that Western countries should not disregard Russia’s potential use of nuclear weapons. Speaking at the Lakhta Center during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Putin emphasized, “If someone’s actions threaten our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we believe it is possible to use all means at our disposal. This should not be taken lightly.”

Addressing the heads of leading global news agencies, including Anadolu Deputy General Manager and Editor-in-Chief Yusuf Ozhan, Putin criticized the narrative that Russia is the primary source of nuclear threats. He pointed out that it was the United States that used nuclear bombs during World War II.

Highlighting the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Putin claimed that the Ukrainian army loses approximately 50,000 personnel monthly, while mobilizing about 30,000 new recruits each month. He stated that recent Ukrainian mobilization efforts have enlisted 50,000-55,000 people, but these numbers only offset the losses.

Putin also accused the United States of pressuring Ukraine to lower its mobilization age to 18, suggesting that such measures might lead to the ousting of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

He dismissed allegations that Russia intends to attack NATO as “nonsense,” questioning the origins of such claims. “Have you all lost your minds? Who invented this? This is complete nonsense, do you understand?” he said.

On the topic of Russia’s demographic trends, Putin expressed no discomfort about the growing Muslim population in Russia. “We are not against the increase in the Muslim population. On the contrary, we are satisfied with the current situation in the Russian Federation,” he said, noting the high birth rates in predominantly Muslim republics.

Regarding relations with the Taliban, Putin stressed the importance of dealing with realities and developing relations with the Taliban government that controls Afghanistan.

Putin’s remarks underscore his administration’s stance on nuclear capabilities, international relations, and demographic changes within Russia, amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions.–News Desk