Saudi Arabia reopens mosques for prayers after closure

Saudi Arabia has declared the resumption of mosques across the country for prayers today which were officially declared closed amid pandemic late March.
According to Anadolu Agency, It has been first time mosques reopened which were closed more than two months before amid the outbreak of pandemic countrywide.

People all across the country have made walks to attend their prayers in mosques without any restrictions expect the mosques located in holy city of Makkah, for the dawn prayers with a limit of 40 per cent capacity.

Several worshipers while performing the prayers at the mosques have been photographed and published by the official SPA news agency. However, it’s reported that the worshipers participated in today’s prayers at different mosques amid preventive measures to fight against the spread of the virus.

Many rules have been set for the prayers, according to Saudi authorities, which include having strict distance; two meter (six-foot), between people in mosques while performing prayers. Wearing masks at all time is considered mandatory while avoiding hugs and handshakes made strictly restricted. The authorities have shared rules via text to millions of people as spreading awareness.

The country so far have reached a total of 83,384 confirmed cases which recorded 480 death cases all across the country.

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