Severe flooding in New Zealand forces thousands to flee

Thousands of residents flee from their homes due to severe flooding in south island of New Zealand, left hundreds of tourists trapped at the remote Milford sound.
A state of emergency is declared following flood with more than 1,000 millimeters rainfall for 60 hours that triggered landslides on roads, leading rivers to burst their banks.
Officials informed residents to leave the low-lying areas of gore and Mataura as soon as possible as the floods were on peak, while those in Wyndham to make preparations for evacuation.
The emergency management southland spokeswoman told news agency “We have issued notices to evacuate and to prepare to evacuate to 6,000 people across the region”.
Residents were required to take medication, clothing and important documents along with them.
Power supply cut off to affected area and evacuation centers established in local schools and churches.
Sections of the only route to Milford Sound washed away by floodwaters, and 200 people were being rescued to nearby location Te Anau, said EMS.
It said “The tourists … have been well catered for”.
Further “Morale has been high amongst the visitors and staff, as they received regular briefings and have been in contact with friends and family”.
Two minor injuries have been accounted following landslide, while people receiving treatment at the same time.–Worldwide News

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