Syrian father-daughter laugh offs the Syria bombings

Sarmada- there is no way to escape the war in Syria, thus Abdullah al-Mohammad states that the only way out was to comfort his daughter Salwa twisting the shelling as a game.
In recent days, a video became viral on social media wherein a girl laugh each time the explosion hit off the region. This video is a disheartening but a strong cue of Syrian peoples’ lives. As a whizzing sound in the background grows, he asks “Is it a plane or is it a mortar?” the three-year-old replies “A mortar”. “When it comes, we will laugh”.
in another video, Salwa is seen as laughing and giggling while sitting on her father’s lap as the bomb dropped by the warplane. The father questions “Tell me Salwa, what did the plane do”. “The plane came and I laughed a lot. The plane just makes us laugh, it tells us: Laugh at me, laugh at me” says Salwa.
The 32-year-old man living in Sarmada, which the enemy tends to crush, met the news reporter. The 32-year-old father fled to Sarmada from Idlib which is already captured by the air regime forces. The airstrikes are continued to push the population near the Turkish border.
Mohammad told the news reporter that Salwa started crying after hearing the voice of fireworks nearby. He had to befool her by saying that the fireworks were actually children celebrating the Muslim festivity Eid-ul-Fitr.
He says “After that, whatever was coming to us from the air, I would take out my phone and tell her: ‘Come, let’s laugh together, these are children playing for Eid”.

He adds “I try not to show her that what is happening as a bad thing but rather show it as something funny”.
Mohammad speculates “One day, she will know that this is a sound of death but by then, she will have understood who we are and what our story is”.
Idlib is regarded as the largest de facto open-air displacement camp in the world.
The pro-regime bombarding left nothing intact, with several people including children injured. As per the United Nations report, 900,000 people fled from their homes and places since December.
Thousands of displaced persons are forced to stay outside in the extreme winter season when the temperature has dropped to minus 7 degrees Celsius last week. About half of the displaced population died of harsh weather and poor living conditions. Salwa’s father expects nothing positive will happen after witnessing years of brutal war which has slaughtered no less than 380,000 people. He utters “We are tired of sending messages, we have no aspirations. We just want these children to have a decent life”.–Worldwide News

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