The northwest Syrian conflict reaches to “horrific” level, says the UN aid chief

United nations- Mark Lowcock, the UN aid chief referred to the “horrific” conditions in Syria in an interview with the news agency.
The region has been facing up “terrible situation” for the last few months, he told.
An estimated 3 million Syrian population is confined in the nasty situation by the pro-Bashar al-Assad forces.
Lowcock said, “I haven’t seen anything as horrific as what’s happening now in northwestern Syria. And people are out in the cold in the mud, babies are dying and every day we’re getting reports of this violence”.
He held “Syrians who fled Eastern Ghouta are displaced in Idlib province and are still under the threat of bombs without shelter and education” while drawing a picture of an atrocious campaign launched by Russia and Syrian regimes.
Idlib, close to the southern border, considered a de-escalation region as per Turkey-Russia deal in 2018. However, the Syrian regime has violated the terms of the cease-fire multiple times by launching numerous attacks in the zone.
The UN aid chief articulated people are jam-packed in “very cramped conditions”. He added, “There’s nowhere safe anymore in Idlib”.
He said “Unless this [violence] stops unless these people [are] protected, I am afraid, we will see the biggest humanitarian horror story the world has seen in the 21st century” while referring to the killing od the humanitarian health worker in a bombing.
The aid chief maintained “The Syrian population in Idlib is ‘caught up in a problem’ and they are trying to escape from it”.
One million Syrian refugees fled to Idlib near the Turkish border in the last few months leading to a fraught humanitarian crisis.
Locock praised the “enormous generosity” of turkey to refuge 3.5 million people at the onset of the Syrian civil war.
He said “And I know that there’s been a high price paid in Turkey for them. The people of Turkey have been very generous” insisting the international world to come forward to render financial help to turkey.
More than 900,000 people have been displaced from northwest Syria in the offensive.
He appreciated Turkey for assisting UN aid in Idlib saying “We’re in very constructive discussions with the authorities in Turkey about how we get those border posts open all the time and we get more trucks through”.
Lowcock rebuked the Assad regime and Russia and called for the end of the offensive to protect the innocent people.
He gave a message to the parties in northwest Syria “Find a political solution”.
Formerly, the UN secretary-general Guterres commenced 500 million dollars to aid 900, 00 people in the region.
Guterres informed reporters “We are revising our plans and issuing an urgent appeal to donors for an additional $500 million to cover the needs of the newly displaced people over the next six months” while addressing reporters in New York.–Worldwide News

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