Trudeau appoints Bob Rae as Canada’s special envoy for HR Issues

Trudeau Appoints Bob Rae As Canada's Special Envoy For Humanitarian, Refugee Issues.

Worldwide News: Today, PM Justin Trudeau made a public announcement that he announces to appoint Bob Rae as Canada’s Special Envoy on Humanitarian and Refugee Issues.
During addressing some problems on humanitarian and refuge worldwide, he said that Mr. Rae will make appreciated efforts on continuity on important work after being appointed as Special Envoy to Myanmar

Further, he stated that Mr. Rae will surely make close efforts with the international community and the United Nations on a coordinated international response and consider his work as leading Canada’s diplomatic efforts to resolve the Rohingya crisis. He, too, will effort to work domestically with Canadians, civil society, and academia to address issues related to the situation in Myanmar and other humanitarian and refugee crises.

Meanwhile, Bob Ray yesterday in his tweet stated, “Looking forward to my new role as PM’s Special Envoy on Refugee and Humanitarian Issues, announced this morning. Appreciate the continued opportunity to work on Rohingya and other critical issues.”

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