Trudeau Stresses Gender Equality on International Women’s Day

Worldwide News: Today on International Women’s Day, The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the accomplishments and leadership of women in Canada and around the world, and recommit ourselves to moving forward to a future in which everyone has an equal chance to succeed.”

He further appreciated all women around the world and above all Canadian women leaders who have challenged norms, lifted up other women and girls, and changed the country for the better.

“Among those women leaders, we have Dr. Alaa Murabit. She is a Canadian-Libyan physician and UN High-Level Commissioner recognized globally for her work in security, health policy, and sustainable development.” Said PM.

He said that the country has many women whose contributions for the better future for our country would always remain remarkable. He further mentioned Ann Divine who is a former probation officer and human rights worker, she is the founder and CEO of a Halifax company and Kathryn Foss who is a transgender woman, speaker, and retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

“Along with so many others in Canada and around the world, these three gender equality trailblazers are among those highlighted this year. They show how the actions, big and small, of just one person can drive positive change. They motivate us to continue to break down barriers.” Spoke PM.

He expressed his interest in equality by saying that they laid the groundwork to close the gender wage gap, and promote equality by creating more flexible parental leave and introducing proactive pay equity legislation for federally regulated workers and also invested in women’s organizations and Indigenous organizations, to advance equality and tackle barriers experienced by women across the country.

He said that Canada has made historic investments in girls’ education and women’s rights around the world, and, in June 2019, they announced funding to mobilize resources for women’s rights organizations and movements in developing countries

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