Trump says “namaste” on his iconic visit to India

President Trump applauds Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “great champion of India” while he was addressing a gathering at Sardar Patel stadium.
The president appreciated India’s diversity, unity, and tolerance while referring to the caption “Namaste Trump” parade. He was returning to the theme repeatedly without mentioning the controversial citizenship law by the Indian premier.
Trump sought to air US concerns without opposing the hosts by saying “India’s economic rise is built on its democratic political system and diversity”.
Trump said, “Your devotion built this great and enduring democracy and it is your dreams that will power this country to a future of even greater progress, prosperity, equality, and opportunity for every citizen across your land”. He said his remarks are meant for “every Indian, north and south, Hindu, and Muslim, Jewish and Christian, rich, and poor, young and old”.
The Indian Muslims are alarmed owing to the citizenship law passed by the government that is an attempt to attack their identity as citizens.–Worldwide News

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