Turkey trains 196 police officers in 9 countries

Project aims to build common consciousness in fighting crime
ANKARA: A total of 196 local and foreign police officers have benefited from a joint training project in Turkey this year, according to the state’s development aid arm on Tuesday.
The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) said the International Police Training Cooperation Project was designed with the purpose of sharing experiences, developing a common consciousness in the fight against crime, and uniformity in police terminology.
It was jointly conducted by the Turkish Security Directorate.
As part of this year’s training courses, constables received training on bodyguard personnel, technical surveillance, cyber crimes, shooting practice, human resources management, the fight against migrant smuggling and international crimes, investigation of drug offences, intelligence and suicide attacks.
The courses were carried out in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia, Macedonia, Karabakh, Serbia, Mexico, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
The training started in the pilot countries of Albania and Kyrgyzstan and later expanded to countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, and Tunisia in 2017.
Established in 1992, TIKA is the institution under Turkey’s Prime Ministry responsible for the implementation of development projects and programs in more than 100 countries, covering health and humanitarian programs, education, and agriculture.–AA

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