Ukraine claims major thermal power plant destroyed by Russia

Ukraine has alleged that Russia significantly damaged the Zmiivska Thermal Power Plant in the Kharkiv region, effectively leaving it destroyed. The assertion was made by Centrenergo, the entity overseeing the plant, indicating that the facility sustained critical damage in attacks on March 22.

According to Centrenergo’s statement, the Russian military’s actions on March 22 led to the obliteration of one of Kharkiv’s largest thermal power stations. The destruction ranged from complete to substantial, affecting all blocks and auxiliary equipment.

Efforts to remove debris and gain access to much of the equipment are ongoing, complicating the evaluation of the damage’s extent and the feasibility of restoration. Ukraine’s Energy Minister, Roman Galushchenko, has mentioned the prospect of donor assistance for recovery from the strike.

The Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged conducting extensive strikes on Ukrainian energy sites and military-industrial targets on March 22, framing it as a retaliatory action for assaults on Russian border areas. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has surpassed two years in duration.–News Desk