UN urges to combats to put down their guns in Syria

The peace delegation to Syria from United Nations cautioned intolerable level of human devastation as a result of rising aggression and insisted all parties to return to negotiations and put down their guns, Thursday.
Geir Pedersen explained air and ground strikes as a rebellion forcing thousands of people to leave their homes in the northwestern region of Idlib, while addressing the UN Security Council.
Pederson, a Norwegian diplomat said “Heavy strikes from both air and ground are causing massive waves of civilian displacement and major loss of civilian life” as he was addressing 15-nation body in midtown Manhattan.
Further “This is causing totally unacceptable human suffering — and endangering international peace and security. And yet it can — and therefore must — stop now”.
On Thursday, Russian-backed Syrian troops advanced through Idlib province and forced millions of terrified civilians to flee owing to brutal ground attacks and aerial bombardments.
This week, tensions among the Syrian and Turkish governments escalated following deadly fire which killed 20 people from both sides.
Pederson said “I appeal for an end to the hostilities. And I appeal to all for a serious international effort to cooperate on Idlib. It is a humanitarian imperative”.
Further on “It is the way to have effective counter-terrorism. It is in the interests of regional and international peace and security. And it is an essential foundation for a sustainable path out of the Syrian conflict which is now approaching its tenth year”.
On the other hand, UN ambassador to Britain Karen pierce warned that the “worst nightmare on Idlib has come to pass”, while people who were displaced due to war seek safety somewhere else.
Pierce stated “Turkey has made efforts to seek a peaceful solution in Idlib and to prevent millions more Syrians having to seek refuge. But we’ve seen the Syrian authorities frustrate and ignore the memoranda of understanding”.
“Geir outlined the attacks that we’ve seen in the last few days that led to Turkish fatalities and increased the risk of a further regional conflagration. And we’re deeply concerned at the impact of this escalation on Turkey, who are already hosting over three and a half million refugees who have fled the repression in Syria”.
Syria’s current civil war has affected about 380,000 people and millions of people are forced to flee since war erupted in 2011.–Worldwide News

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