US accuses Iran of violating UN resolutions

Nikki Haley cites latest UN report claiming Iran shipping weapons, defying travel bans, providing support to terrorists
WASHINGTON/UNITED NATIONS: U.S. UN envoy Nikki Haley slammed Iran Wednesday ahead of a meeting of the UN Security Council.
Haley criticized Tehran in a press release ahead of a session on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ latest report on the implementation of sanctions against Iran mandated by Security Council Resolution 2231.
Guterres’ report “includes troubling, but not surprising, evidence that Iran has‎ and continues to violate UN Security Council resolutions by shipping weapons across the Middle East, blatantly defying travel bans and providing support to terrorist organizations destabilizing the region,” said the statement.
“This report lays out the strongest evidence to date that the Iranian regime continues to send weapons across the Middle East and blatantly violate Security Council resolutions,” Haley said according to the statement.
“From the Houthis to Hizballah, to Hamas and Assad, the Iranian regime has made a habit of devoting considerable resources, away from its domestic needs, to supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region.”
Haley said the U.S. would not allow “Iran’s violations and destructive actions to go unchecked”, urging Security Council members “to do the same”.
“The evidence in this latest report shows us all too clearly the consequences of inaction in the face of Iranian defiance,” she said.
Haley’s comments come after Iran’s parliament held a closed-door session Tuesday to discuss the country’s economic situation amid expectations of a fresh round of U.S. sanctions against Tehran.
Iran continues to face a host of serious economic challenges, including high unemployment and a weakening currency, due largely to longstanding U.S. economic sanctions.
Many Iranian traders and importers face difficulties obtaining foreign currency, which they need to pay for imported commodities.
On Monday, Iranian traders staged a demonstration outside the parliament building in Tehran to protest worsening economic conditions.
According to local media reports, demonstrators decried rising costs of living, demanding that politicians move swiftly to resolve the country’s chronic economic woes.–AA

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