US advises UK against 5G as the service gets launched in parts of Britain

The United Kingdom has finally welcome the ultra-fast 5G internet service which assures speed that surpasses the promptness that was available earlier, but with that, United States is finally feeling the pressure.A report by the Financial Times revealed that a senior US cyber security official has called on the UK to push back on services such as these by authoritarian regimes like China which use technological advancements such as these to bear cyber-attacks.Deputy assistant, secretary of state, Robert Strayer said: “Given what is at stake and the uncertainty surrounding a rapidly evolving technology, we believe that using untrusted vendors anywhere in a 5G network introduces an unacceptable level of risk that cannot be mitigated.”Moreover, he also revealed that the United States would never risk national and cyber security through countries such as China by letting in digital companies.On the other hand, the service will be available in six of United Kingdom’s cities with EE being the first to launch the service while Vodafone is prepping up to launch their own 5G package five weeks from now—the news.

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