US alerts citizens ahead of Israel’s annexation plan

Activists gather in front of US Embassy to protest against the annexation in West Bank, on 15 May 2020 in Jerusalem

Yesterday, a security alert was issued by the American Embassy in Jerusalem to the nationals of United States who are residing in or considering move to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip ahead of Israel’s plans to order to take the control of the large swathes of the occupied West Bank along East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley by adjoining them.

It was stressed in a statement issued by the embassy calling the nationals of US to preserve a high level of alertness and asked them to take suitable actions in order to enhance their security awareness.

“Violence often has no sign before it happens. It can happen with little or no warning which could make targets on tourist locations, transportation hubs, government checkpoints, markets and shopping facilities or government facilities,” the statement further said.

It was reported by Yedioth Ahronoth- an Israeli newspaper yesterday, within the nest two weeks, Central Command of the Israel’s army in order to make a good preparation for armed conflict with the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian security forces, local cells and large numbers of demonstrators, will be asked to be on high alert.

Benjamin Netanyahu; the prime minister of Israel in an interview with Israel Hayom newspaper, stressed that his government with its annexation procedures keeps the great intentions of movie forward In July, keeping the set of plans in view.

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