US Prioritizes Strengthening Army-Industrial Bases with Indo-Pacific Allies

June 3, 2024: To ensure sufficient capacity in the military-industrial bases of Indo-Pacific nations, the Defense Department, along with allies and partners, must collaborate, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III stated today.

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Austin highlighted the region’s progress over recent years in working together more effectively, developing new technologies, and boosting production.

Focus on Indo-Pacific:

Austin outlined several key areas for enhancing military-industrial capacity:

Endorsement of Principles: A Statement of Principles for Indo-Pacific Defense Industrial Base Collaboration was endorsed on May 31, following extensive consultations with U.S. allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific and globally.
Singapore MOU: On May 31, a memorandum of understanding was signed with Singapore to advance defense innovation.
Japan Collaboration: Codevelopment with Japan on a glide phase interceptor to counter hypersonic threats.
Integrated Defense Architecture: Partnership with Australia and Japan on developing an integrated air- and missile-defense architecture.
AUKUS Investments: Significant investments in a shared submarine industrial base to strengthen the AUKUS partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom.
India Co-Production: Historic progress with India on coproducing fighter-jet engines and armored vehicles.
“We are breaking down national barriers and better integrating our defense industries together with our friends in the region,” Austin emphasized.–By David Vergun