US rejects UN claims of Genocide in Gaza

The US State Department, through spokesperson Matthew Miller, has dismissed allegations of genocide in the Gaza Strip as “unfounded.” This response comes after a report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese, suggested Israel’s actions in Gaza may constitute genocide.

Miller reiterated the US’s unwavering support for Israel following the release of Albanese’s report, which criticized Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. He refrained from discussing the accusations of potential war crimes by Israel, but he did label Albanese’s remarks as “antisemitic.”

Despite rejecting the genocide claims, Miller expressed concern over civilian casualties in Gaza, emphasizing the US’s efforts to urge Israel to minimize such losses.

Albanese’s report, unveiled at a UN Geneva Office press conference, is based on her analysis of Israel’s operations in Gaza since October 7. She argued that Israel’s actions might amount to a deliberate attempt to destroy a significant part of the Palestinian population in Gaza, describing such intent as “chilling” and accusing Israel of engaging in genocidal violence.–News Desk