Novel virus adds fuel to discriminatory behavior against Asians in Canada

Up to this point, Canada has spotted three cases of the novel corona virus; however there are concerns as grimmer outburst could add fuel to anti Asian outlooks in panorama evocative of the SARS virus that led to dozens of casualty in Toronto since early 2000s.
About 9,000 people signed a formal request prompting one of the area’s school boards to keep children away from students whose family members recently returned from china. Same is the case with business in china town, which is slowing down.
In Toronto are, severe acute respiratory syndrome, abbreviated as SARS killed 44 people, led to pervasive fear and ranking Canada as the only country outside the border which got affected from the epidemic in 2002-2003. Until now, the corona virus killed more than 100 people in china.
The acting national president of the Chinese Canadian national council for social justice, Amy Go told the Reuters related to the school board petition “This is exactly what happened during SARS”.
She said “We really, really have to check that we are not being overwhelmed by irrational fear and irrational panic”.
The school board in the York region responded to the petition “students and their families are feeling some anxiety, but cautioned that anyone can contract and transmit the virus”.
The scenario “can regrettably give rise to discrimination based on perceptions, stereotypes”.
Tuesday, health minister Hajdu Patty said “there was a risk Chinese Canadians could feel “somewhat targeted” because of the origin of the virus and that it could hurt their businesses if people shun them out of fear”.
A Chinese Canadian mother regarded the virus as a considerable peril for Asian community. She agreed with the petition to keep away students from children if their families had visited china in the last 15 days.–Worldwide News

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