3 protesters injured in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia: At least three people were injured across Colombia as police used tear gas to break up protesters demanding the government to increase education spending.
Thursday’s nation-wide rallies over higher-education budget cuts were the latest chapter of the rallies going on for three months.
Around 14,000 people led by students and academics took to the streets in the capital Bogota on Thursday, culminating in violence in which they hurled stones at police.
One protester was slightly injured in the face in the city and police later arrested 35 others.
Two other demonstrators were injured in clashes in the city of Cali in the western part of the country.
Last week, the nation-wide demonstrators turned violent particularly in the capital Bogota.
Following the protests, the government announced education spending would gradually be increased.
Despite the government announcement, some student groups said they would continue protests.–AA

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